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ZECmate Swing Wallet

Your best mate for Zcash

provided by Zel Tech
For 64-bit Windows 7+
Other Platforms
Zcash Swing Wallet

ZECmate Swing Wallet

ZECmate Swing Wallet is a full node wallet for Zcash cryptocurrency with no transaction fees. ZECmate Swing Wallet is a port of HoriZEN Swing wallet offering friendly UI to Zcash users accross all platforms - Windows, Linux and macOS. Speak and Transact freely with the best privacy technology that exists!

100% open source, signed software

ZECmate Swing wallet is fully open-sourced software and can be easily built from source following the instructions on GitHub. Each of our releases are properly signed by Zel Technologies for every platform to give users the assurance of software quality. Furthermore we are guaranteeing the updates and support for each new Zcash release to give users the best experience while interacting with Zcash blockchain.

theme palette
sprout to sapling migration tool

The power of full node

- Native Zcash wallet encryption - Protect your wallet.dat file

- Sprout-to-Sapling migration tool built in

- No 3rd party servers - Private keys always in your possession

- Easy construction of private, untraceable transactions

Built-in private messenger

Offers built-in Messanger to send truly encrypted messages utilising zk-snarks protocol. Connect with your friends without a sniffing eye!

Zcash Messenger
rotating themes example

UI Customization tools

Customize the color palette of your Zcash full node wallet, or use a provided template

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